Through the collaborative efforts of our employees and board members, Blue Skies Hospice, Inc. provides an integrated Hospice Program that focuses on managing pain and symptom control.

We provide personalized services to improve the quality of life for patients and their families. We always strive to provide the highest quality care. Valuing patient and family requests and assisting with individualized care, we strive to meet the needs, regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or economic status. The vision of Blue Skies Hospice is to provide patients¬† with the option to remain in their homes during a terminal illness or, to be placed in our hospice house that provides 24 hour care with an emphasis on the patient and family’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Blue Skies Hospice Incorporated’s objectives are to:

  • Provide the patient the opportunity to remain at home during end-of-life care.
  • Provide pain and symptom management.
  • Meet the needs of the community we serve.
  • Provide a positive hospice experience for all clients
  • Provide a home-like environment to persons unable to remain in their home.
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